Cupcake Liner Wreath

Please welcome the very talented Kelly! (I love this craft! How fun would this be for a birthday party wreath?!)

 Hi there! It's Kelly from Typically Simple and I am excited to be sharing a super fun spring craft project with you all today! 

Cupcake Liner Wreath-

A few weeks ago, I went a little crazy buying cupcake liners (like 900 cupcake liners crazy) but they were all just too cute to pass up! The fun colors and prints will be so fun for cupcakes, but I also knew I needed to think of some fun crafts to make with them. And cue the super cute spring wreath made of cupcake liners!

foam wreath (I got mine at the dollar store),
cupcake liners,
straight pins,

Now for the crafting! You will need about 40-50 cupcake liners to fill the wreath, maybe more or less depending on the size of your wreath form. Step 2: Taking about 8-10 liners at a time, cut the bottom from the sides. Step 3: Using a straight pin, attach the liner to the wreath form. I found the best way for this was to use one pin to hold the liner while wrapping it around the wreath, then securing it in the back with a second pin.

  Cupcake Liner Wreath-8

Step 4: Keep adding cupcake liners until the wreath is filled. Attach some ribbon to the back and hang for a fun, bright spring wreath!
  Cupcake Liner Wreath-11

I love the texture that the cupcake liners give the wreath and these colors are perfect for some spring decor in our house. And how easy would it be to use different colors of cupcake liners for holidays or seasons!? I'm all about finding simple ways to add some seasonal decor to the house and this cupcake liner wreath was the perfect afternoon craft to do that! If your looking for even more spring inspired crafts and recipes, be sure to stop by Typically Simple. You can also find me pinning, tweeting, and sharing my favorite crafts and recipes.



DIY Bird Feeders

Long time no see followers! I have been busy soaking up the rays of the sun with my boys. We just started putting in our yard and I'll share the details of that (and a ton of other stuff Ive been working on) in a few weeks. :)

Every now and again I try to pretend like Im a good mom and do "homeschool" stuff with my kids. And a few weeks ago they put trees in the park behind our house! (pelvic thrust dance.) So we decided to invite some little birdies to our park by making some DIY bird feeders!


Art Into Prints + Free 'April Showers' Printable

Please welcome the very talented Kari from Life PreKarious

Don't you guys just love printables? I do! They makes decorating for every occasion so easy and cost effective! Most of the time you can find some really cute ones for free. I've tried my hand at creating some simple ones using Word and just saving them as a PDF file. But, I've always been curious how people turned their sketches, or other art into printables. So, I gave it a try and it actually worked! You don't need any fancy computer programs or even a scanner! Here's what I did:
First I painted this little gem.



The Rain Barrel Shop New Prints

As you all know, I love the Rain Barrel Etsy shop and I wanted to share a few of her new prints with you today! I just love her prints and she even has some new kids room ones and some mothers day ones! You can find them all in the shop HERE.