DIY Spooky Serving Platter

Please welcome the very talented Kari!

Hey guys! It's Kari from Life PreKARIous. If you're in need of some fun Halloween decor, I'm telling 
ya, you HAVE to go to the dollar store! They have some great stuff and it's CHEAP! 

Halloween Serving Dish

I found this plastic rat and some black dishes and with a little hot glue, threw together this fun serving dish.

Halloween Serving Dish

I glued both the rat and bowl to the plate, then added the chips and dip. Seriously, SO easy! It took be about two minutes and only cost about $3!

Halloween Serving Dish

I might even add some plastic spiders to the dip!

Halloween Serving Dish

You can print your own 'Eat, Drink, and be Scary!' sign [HERE]. And head over to Life PreKARIous to get this delicious dip recipe!

Happy Haunting! -Kari


Superhero Birthday Party Invites

I don't know what it is about little boys and their superhero-ness. Seriously. Its like a disease that once they are infected, runs ramped and cannot be stopped. Everett's love of superheroes started a few years ago and just keeps. on. going. As much as I am getting burnt out of superhero stuff, I know that HE loves it, and I am happy to make some sacrifices so my little guy has the perfect birthday.

This time (since he picked a batman themed party) I had him sit with me on the computer and design the invites for his party. I want everything to be what HE wants and lucky for me Tiny Prints always has the best invites. There were so many "superhero" themed invites to choose from and he felt so special getting to pick them out.


DIY "Gather" Plaque

The products at the wood connection are always amazing but their fall and Christmas stuff is always my fave. So today I'm extra excited to share this "gather" plaque that I made!

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Woodland Baby Shower

One of my sweet friends that I we built our house with is having her first baby girl! So, obvi, we had to have a party. It was an open house and we had a good turnout. :) I hope she felt the love!