Lucky Leaves

Clever title right? Right? My sister actually came up with it. I needed some creative juice help. ha ha. Aaaaanyway, head on over to The Crafting Chicks to see how I dressed up my lovely Ikea plant for St. Patricks Day!



Kitchen/Dining/Living Room Update

I realized this week that there have been a few changes in our main living area that I'm pretty excited about and I haven't done a house update in a loooong time. So, here is what it looks like now!


"I Struck Gold" Printable

Warning: I am about to step up onto my soap box...

When I first started this blog, it was my secondary part time job. I was always first a mom. I would do crafts at night when my boys were in bed and only post or blog when I had a spare moment to myself. I started it because I LOVE to craft and I LOVE being part of the blogging community. I like to share the things I make and it makes me happy! Lately though, I have realized that my focus as shifted. Somehow I have been so stressed about my blog and making money off it and all the followers and numbers, etc. I haven't found joy in crafting because its something that I HAVE to do, as part of my responsibilities. And then it hit me. It doesn't have to be this way. 

So, I am taking the time now to refocus my goals. I am first and foremost a mother. My main job is to love and raise and teach and nurture. Not to craft. And yes. I still will do things in my spare time when my babes are sleeping. But ONLY when it makes me happy and I WANT to do it. And I'm only writing this on my blog so that you will all be aware that you might be seeing a little less of me. I am focussing on whats most important in my life at this point and thats my babes. Cause I know they won't be in my house forever. :) And maybe one day I will pick back up on doing all this crazy stuff full time, but for now, consider me only here every now and again. :) 

Ok...I'm done ranting now.

So...without further adieu I present the "I Struck Gold" Printable for St. Patricks day.


Sight Word by Grade Level Flash Cards

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you this amazing new printable I have in the shop. My talented sister Chelsea made these for her kids that she home schools (I know...she is super woman) and they are not only functional and developmentally correct for teaching site words, they are adorbs. :) Head to THE RAIN BARREL to check out these bad boys!