How to Start a Babysitting Co-op

Ever since we started building our own home my husband and I haven't seen much of each other. I think we went on two maybe three dates all year. This year its our goal to do a little better now that we actually have time to do so. I got together with a few of my neighbors and thought it would be perfect to do a babysitting co-op!

If you've never heard of this, be prepared to have your socks knocked off. There are several ways to run one of these but I will share my favorite way that seems to work for everybody. 

First download these printables (The file was too large to put in my shop but just leave your paypal email address in the comments section or email me  at alichilds4@gmail.com and I will send you an invoice) to get started with your babysitting co-op binder. The entire kit is $4.99 for the digital download and once your payment goes through you will receive the entire file shortly thereafter. Then just click download and print! 

First find five or six friends who want to play with you. Then lay down the expectations for the group. Our group runs like this. Each 1 hour ticket is worth 1 hour of babysitting for 1 kid. So If I have three kids and I want to be gone for 1 hour, I need 3 tickets. That way for the people that only have one kid,  its more fair when they watch for someone who has five kids. 

When you and your hubby want to go out, you simply send out a text or email and say what time and date you would like to be out. Include the time you will be back. For every fifteen minutes you are late past the time you said you would return, you owe your sitter a half hour ticket. You may NOT go in the red. If you don't have enough tickets to go out, you don't go out. You have to earn more tickets by babysitting! 

In this pack you will get a binder cover (so that you can stay organized). Then an expectations page where you can write out your own rules for your group. There is also a babsitter notes page where you can write instructions, allergies, etc. for each child. There is also a page to keep track of everyone  participating in the co-op, so you have everyones phone numbers and email addresses. Lastly, there are three tickets: 1 hour, 1/2 hour and 15 minutes. When you get your download I have made them into easily printable pages so you can divide up the tickets how you think its fair. (Making sure everyone starts out with the same amount of tickets.) 

Well, thats all folks! If you have any questions about how to run your own co-op please comment below! 


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So just as a little reminder, here's what the pantry looked like when we first moved in.