Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Hi guys! I just spent an amazing "weekend" in Rexburg with some of our family friends. It was a whirlwind trip but it was so relaxing and just what the doctor ordered for this "single momma". I went with my mother-in-law and we did shopping and ice cream and got spoiled beyond belief by our friends. Life doesn't get any better than when you're at their house. But sadly, I'm back to real life and the daily grind.

But the daily grind does have  few perks...like giving away free stuff! And the winner of the Jamberry Nails from Tiana is...

Julia Toussaint

Congratulations! I will be emailing you to get your contact info! 

And just because this post needs a picture...

This is my cousins cute little newborn that I got to visit while on my trip. Is there really anything better than the smell of a newborn? I think not. 

Happy...day after hump day... or something, 


DIY Superhero Masks and Giveaway Winner

Hi! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Ever since we have been building our house we don't have much of a weekend but we do have Sundays. This Sunday we invited our Trek family over for a little homemade ice cream cook off in the back yard. It was really fun to see everyone again and of course... I didn't take one picture. :(

But moving on, I wanted to share this little craft I made with my boys this week.

I made them a few masks about a year ago and they sort of went kaput. I decided to use a pattern this time so they were all a uniform size (plus the ones I made before were an adult mask pattern that I tried to alter. Then I forgot to make the nose part smaller so my kids sort of looked down syndrome in those...I'm just sayin')

I used this pattern HERE. This is such a super cute blog AND these patterns even show you how to make each of these masks. (There is also a wolverine one but I ran out of felt.) The patterns are printable and SO easy to follow.

On the masks with lots of detail I decided to stitch the lines instead of using a sharpie. I want these to last a long time for my boys since they took me ALL DAY to make. :)

And now for the giveaway winner of the $25 gift card to The Wood Connection...

Congratulations to...


I'll be contacting you to get your address and contact info. Thanks to everyone who participated and for the Wood Connection for providing the supplies for my crafts and the gift card. 

Happy Monday,


Jamberry Nails Giveaway

Hi! I'm so happy to have two giveaways this week. Todays giveaway is from Tiana who is giving one lucky reader a full set of these lovely Jamberry nails.

Aren't they cute? If you haven't ever done Jamberry nails before, their straight up amazing. Tiana was sweet enough to send me a few sample ones for me to try and I have LOVED them. When my sisters came to visit we did our nails together and it was fun to have my samples to play with.

Although we all have ugly man hands, (sorry girls) here are the fun patterns we did:

The pic above are my hands. Try not to judge my veins. Its a real medical condition... ;) I did a really cute polka dot on my ring fingers with regular pink polish on the others.

Then my older sister (who has prettier hands then me) did a flirty cheetah print on her ring fingers with a vibrant red.

Then for the fourth of july I decided to use my blue and white stripe one. I also used my nail light and did shellac nails so they would all last a long time.

Here's what I loved about Jamberry nails.

1. They stay on FOREVER! Like mine were on for almost three weeks before I needed to take them off.

2. They stay shiny the whole time.

3. Their easy to put on and easy to take off

4. There is very minimal damage to your nail after your done wearing them.

When I use my nail light and shellac my nails, there is always some damage afterword but I loved using my shellac WITH my Jamberry nails because even when I was building houses (and my nails take a beating) they actually survived and are still looking pretty good weeks in!

So, without further ado and without gilding the lily (to quote A knights Tale) I present to you a giveawaaaaaaaay. Lets get ready to rummmmmmbbbllllle! :)

Use the rafflecopter below for a chance to win a full set of the beautiful striped yellow and white set of Jamberry Nails by Tiana.

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House Update 2

Does anyone else feel like they are losing their heads lately? I can barely keep my house clean let alone do any crafting lately. The other day I forgot what year it was, and I keep making myself lists of things to do and then not remembering where I put that list the next day. Yeah...I've completely lost my marbles. But besides all that fun stuff...

Our house is coming along nicely! If you missed part 1, you can see it by clicking HERE

Here is what it looks like now: 

So since the last update we have WINDOWS! Oh yeah! I was so excited to have windows I can't even tell you. We have lived in some pretty sketchy places and new windows is like the icing on the cake for me.  I literally went around and opened and closed every single one. It was very therapeutic.

Oh, and not to mention our roof is sheeted and the overbuilds are done. :) That would be my hubby's handiwork. :)

And here are a few sneak peaks of what's happening inside the house:

So the above picture is of our kitchen. When you first walk through the front door there is a little entry way and then you look right into our "family room" which is the picture below. See the sliding glass door in both pics? Yeah. Thats the set up. In the top pic in the right corner is our pantry.

Bless its little heart. Its funny how excited I get over the little things. We haven't had a pantry for two years. I can't tell you how excited I am to have an actual spot to put our groceries. :)

Then in the pic above is just a little shot of our third bedroom. The boys share a room so this will be our new nursery. I had to show the windows in this room. That window is a 5X6. Its huge. I love the sunshine in that room.

I didn't show any of the other rooms since they aren't that exciting yet but they will be in the next few weeks.

Now down to the basement. The above pic is what it looks like in the farthest back corner.

This picture is hard to see where all the rooms are but to the very left there are hot and cold storage rooms (which we are planning to put a big outdoor freezer down there plus all our food storage...holla! ) and then a big bedroom in the back corner. Then do you see where the water heater and furnace are? Thats a jack and jill bathroom. Pretty exciting!

I love sharing the progress on the house because 1. I feel so blessed to be able to call this pile of wood mine. 2. I feel so blessed to even have actual rooms and actual bathrooms, etc. Ahhh the luxuries. And 3. I plan on sharing a lot of DIY projects around the house once we move in. So why not start now right?

Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to come back on the next update. Maybe we will have the shingles on! (Did you notice them sitting our our roof in the first pic?) And maybe the electrical will be wired! Who knows. :)

Happy Tuesday,


DIY Succulent Cubes

Hi guys! Happy monday. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I had so much fun on Saturday night because Brian actually got to be home for a few hours and we went shopping and spent way too much money and had a blast. :) Since I don't get to see Brian often, its the little things that count.

Anywho, enough about me.

I wanted to share with you these DIY Succulent cubes I made for the Wood Connection. Head on over to THEIR BLOG to see the full tutorial. Aren't they cute? I know. I know. They are way cute. No one needs to tell me. :)

Also, scroll down for a chance to win $25 to the Wood Connection! (Remember, if you don't live in UT you can still use the money online!)

And as always, may the odds be eva in your fava.

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