DIY Crocheted Winter Blanket {Crafting Chicks}

Hi guys! Happy Friday! I am so excited it is finally the weekend. It has been a pretty long week around here. Lets just say I am very tired of being pregnant now. And I only 36 1/2 weeks...but who's counting...

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that you should hop on over to the Crafting Chicks and see the DIY Crocheted Winter Blanket I made a little while ago.


New Dining Room Table

I am pretty excited about todays post. I love sharing furniture transformations...especially when they turn out exactly how I wanted them to (which is not that often.) Remember how tiny my old table was?


Merry Milk Bottles

This saturday we are having a little Christmas party with my husbands family. I have had SO many ideas and not enough time to do them all. This is our first time hosting something like this in our new home so I want everything to be perfect. I thought I would just share what I am going to do for our glasses and the table setting.

I'm pretty excited to put these babies on my table for our big Christmas dinner. Here is how I made them....(although I'm pretty sure its self explanatory...)

Milk bottles (from Target dollar spot). And yes. I bought eight of them. Judge me.
Red and white bakers twine
Pack of jingle bells

Simply thread two jingle bells onto a piece of twin and wrap it around your bottles several times. Tie with a knot. 

How fun would these be at the kids table for Christmas?!

Well...I better get back to real life where my kids are covered in popcorn butter and are running around screaming. :) Enjoy! I can't wait to show you my NEW TABLE!!!!



No-Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe

For my son's preschool class, its his turn to bring the treat. The theme this week is "gingerbread" and "christmas traditions." So I would make some cookies with my boys.


Guest Bedroom

You're probably thinking, "How long can this girl drag out this home tour thing?" Well the answer to that question, my friends is: A LONG TIME. So get used to it. I have a lot to show you! And frankly, I can't stop. And I won't stop.

So, as I mentioned in my previous post. I've been working really hard on the guest bedroom the last few days. My amazing mother-in-law is coming to stay the night with us this weekend so the hubs and I can go to his work Christmas party (and she is going to watch the boys.) The least I could do was make her a comfy room to sleep in. Plus my parents are coming after Christmas to help with my new babe. So I HAD to get my act together on this one. 

Its actually sort of a miracle how this whole room came together.