$1 Spiderweb Plate

We have never really had a tradition of doing a Halloween dinner (in fact, we are mostly just trying to stuff something healthy in our faces before loading up on candy) but this year, I plan to start some  new traditions. Although there are only a few weeks left until we move in our new home, I wanted to start some things that we could carry on in the years to come (even if its a PAIN to do so when half of our house is in boxes.)

Rant over.

This year we are just going pretty simple with our food choices but I thought we could at least have some fun dining plates. Enter the $1 Spiderweb plate:


5 Minute Superhero Capes

Are you looking for a last minute Halloween costume? Me too. Between packing for moving, the primary program, and blogging stuff, Halloween costumes have sort of gone on the back burner this year. My boys have always wanted to be Buzz and Woody (for the last three years) and I already had some dress ups but this year they didn't fit. Besides I don't really love the whole store bought costume thing if I can avoid it.

So this year, since they have been so into super heroes I decided it was time to do a little sewing. (Not a lot of sewing mind you. Just an afternoon.)

So may I present to you the 5 Minute Superhero Cape:


The Rain Barrel Digital Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday, I had kind of a crazy morning (Aaaaand a giant spider crawled onto my steering wheel while I was driving today....not to mention all the other crazy things that happened today...) so I am just barely getting this post up for the day. But today we are doing a giveaway for your choice of any one of these two gorgeous digital prints!


Candy Corn Butterfinger Pops

This post was suppose to be part of a Fall Harvest Blog hop that sort of went awry. :) The links weren't working but I wanted to share this treat non-the-less.

The first time I ever tried these bad boys was when my husband and I decided to throw a little Halloween party with some close friends and one of them brought these over. When I asked how many butterfingers she needed to buy to make these delicious pops, she said none! Turns out, you only need candy corn and a little peanut butter and they will taste exactly like butterfingers. I think my mind exploded at that point. These have been a family fave for a while and I thought it would be a fun fall treat to share! So lets get to it!


Spooky Paint Chip Faces

Hey guys! Head on over to Positively Oakes today to check out this fun craft I did with my two year old! So easy and so cute! (If I do say so myself...and I do...)