DIY Felt Doll for Boys

Hi guys! As you may have heard, we are having another baby! Woohoo! And as you also may have heard, we are having another boy. :) I guess that is the only recipe we know. :)

And with boys comes more trucks and boys stuff but that doesn't mean I was about to miss out on the finer things of life that come with having a girl. Therefore, I present to you, the "felt dolls for boys" set.

Hop on over to Positively Oakes to see the full tutorial and some of the outfits I made by clicking HERE!

While you're there, be sure to check out her products! I can't wait to get me some of the cute new boys stuff! Here are a few of my faves from around the shop.

This black and white bowsie. You can find it HERE.

This black and white blanket (what is with me and black and white?) You can find it HERE.

And this little Aztec Tee found HERE

Thanks for stopping by and happy hump day!



DIY Floral Crowns

Hi guys! Hop on over to the Crafting Chicks where I am sharing the tutorial on how to make these whimsical floral crowns.

Oh, and don't forget to enter our giveaway! Happy Tuesday



GIVEAWAY {Foiled Prints}

Good Morning and a Happy Monday to you! I had some big plans for this week but it turns out whenever you make big plans, your three year old gets sick. :( Oh well, there is nothing I would rather do than stay at home and snuggle my baby (and try not to get sick).

AND we do have some fun things going on today. A GIVEAWAY! (If you want to see if you were the winner of the Rock Paper Style Giveaway click HERE.)

Today's giveaway is from a darling little shop called Foiled Prints. It just so happens that the owner of this little shop, Ashley,  is a friend of mine and my family simply adores her. When she contacted me about a giveaway I couldn't be happier! She has wonderful customer service and is always up for doing custom orders!

She makes handmade prints with gold foil and has some amazing designs. In honor of it almost being fall (lets cross our fingers it comes quickly) she is giving away this beautiful print to one lucky winner!

This giveaway will end this Friday so hurry and enter! And may the odds be ever in your favor. :)

To visit Foiled Prints click HERE.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And check out some of the other cute prints from her shop! (These are just a few of my faves...)

Good luck!



Back to School GIVEAWAY! {Rock Paper Style}

Hi guys! I was totally going to post this giveaway yesterday but we had a little mishap. Our main drainage pipe (at grandmas where we live) broke and the whole basement got flooded and long story short it has sort of been a nightmare and we have been doing a lot of clean up on it. Now the guy is here fixing the pipe and I can finally focus on getting this up! So...without further adieu, I present Rock Paper Style Shop.

I thought it would be fun to do a little back to school giveaway and since its always nice to have a good teacher's gift on hand, I couldn't resist when I saw this little one inch necklace. If I was a teacher this would be the bomb. I would wear it every day. I love the vintage style and uniqueness.

And Jen, from Rock Paper Style Shop has graciously offered this one inch necklace to one lucky winner and reader of Dream Crafter. Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Oh...and check out some of her other cool stuff!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How fun is this deer ring necklace?

And can you ever have too many make up pouches? This one is so "summery".  I love it!

And of course I'm always a sucker for anything yellow and grey. :)

Check out all of her other cool stuck at the Rock Paper Style Shop

PS. This giveaway will run through this Saturday so hurry and enter! Don't forget you can come back and earn an entry each day! 

PPS. A big thank you to Jen for providing such a fun back to school giveaway for Dream Crafter Readers! 

Happy Tuesday!


Back To School Washi Tape Pencils

Since everyone is heading back to school, I thought I would add a little craft to the amazing supply of "Back to school" stuff you are seeing everywhere. I hate it when I do a craft that I know I'm not going to use and I only did it because I needed something for the blog. Thats the worst. I almost never do those. And since I have only two little kids at home and my oldest is going to preschool this year, I really didn't need any back to school crafts.

He doesn't need any school supplies and he will have three different teachers by the time we settle into our new house (so I didn't want to do any teacher gifts just yet). So what is a craft blogger to do?

Buy school supplies for herself and make em pretty!

I really can't resist all the cheap school supplies for stocking up my office. I'm sort of a sucker for colored sharpies and cheap scissors. :) But I finally came up with a "back to school" craft that I know I would actually use, plus the kids would love too.

-#2 pencils
-washi tape

Thats it! Lets get started!

Now you may be tempted to wrap the washi tape around the pencils the short way, but wrap them like a bun on a hot dog (with the washi tape spanning the length of the pencil) and then your patterns will turn out better.)

I was pretty psyched that I had some "Boy" prints in my washi tape collection. Like this green one that's a wood print. My boys thought that was pretty cool that I had a "tree pencil"

And if you aren't using these for your kids, you can always use them in your home office...

Or keep them in your stationary collection (I am such a sucker for the Target dollar spot cards...drool)

The fun thing about these pencils is that they sharpen just like a regular pencil. The washi tape just comes off as the pencil is sharpened! Your kids are bound to love having personalized pencils. Boom! 

Happy Thursday everyone! 

PS. more updates on our house coming soon!