Classic Snowy Tree Skirt & TRIM THE TREE BLOG HOP!

I know this is hard to believe, but I started this craft in September. I threw away my tree skirt last year (since I have always hated it) in hopes that I would pressure myself into making a new one for this year. I did a lot of brainstorming (and Pinterest searching) to find a look I liked.

The more I looked at different styles, the more I liked the classic look. I love the idea of having something a long time and not wanting to change it just because I made it to fit a certain fad. For example, I used to LOVE chevron. Now its not my favorite. I don't like it anymore. (Moral of the story...I'm sure darn glad I didn't make a chevron tree skirt!)

Here is what mine looks like:

Here is what you'll need to make your own: 
-2-3 yards of white flannel (depending on how large you want your skirt.) The larger your tree the larger your skirt needs to be. 
-Pre-made white ruffle trim
-Pre-made pom-pom trim
-White embroidery floss
- 100 + white bead-able pearls or crystals (I used pearls)
- Coordinating white thread and sewing machine

Start by washing and ironing your fabric. You need it really smooth before you cut. Now cut your skirt like you would a circle skirt. Fold your fabric in half (to make a square) and then in half the other way. Cut it as shown below. Its not rocket science. Just do your best.

Like so:

Next be sure a cut an opening for your skirt so it can wrap around the tree. Mine looks crooked here but that's because I didn't lay it out very good. :) Then just tuck the sides under twice so you have a nice hem there. Don't worry about hemming the outside since you will put trim on it anyway.

Next you need to add the ruffle trim. I actually bought mine at Walmart of all places. I couldn't find a ruffle I liked that wasn't $8 a yard. But in the sewing section of Walmart I found my fate and destiny. Get at least 4 yards. (Yes...4) but just to be safe, bring your skirt with you. After you sew on your ruffle trim, sew the pom pom trim on top of that.

Next I just started threading my pearls with my embroidery floss and polka dotted it. (And yes I tied each one by hand.) I started out by measuring every dot and then I realized I am much too lazy of a person for that so I just eye-balled it. Turns out my eye ball isn't very straight but I think it turned out pretty good. :) Sewing those pearls on was going to be the end of me. I think my husband was probably going crazy having an unfinished tree skirt on his dresser for three months before Christmas. But, alas, all is well.

Thanks for stopping by! In the words of the good elf: Santa is coming! I know him!

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In the last 24 hours I have cleaned up: 7-8 pairs of poopy underwear, 3 barf sessions that were tracked through the whole house, 2 sets of bed sheets, and given 6 baths. My little guy got sick this week and when I say sick I mean sick. All I did was scrub poop out of carpets. Aaaaaand tomorrow is his fourth birthday. Poor little man. We had a little party for him (more details later) with just our little family and canceled his big party. He was pretty bummed but still had a good time. 

I digress..

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