Pirate Birthday Party

I can't believe my little Warren turned four this week. My how time flies.

Somehow, having a birthday right after christmas means that Warren always gets the shaft when it comes to me doing a big party. I always have my oldest sons birthday, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, new Year and then its Warrens birthday a few days later. By this point I'm always too tired to go all out. But this year I was determined to put just as much effort into his birthday as I do into my oldests'.

This year Warren picked a Pirate theme and of course we started with the invites. And my fave place to get them is from Tiny Prints. If you want you can follow Tiny Prints on FB, Twitter, Pinterest or on Google +. I like to follow them so I can keep up on their latest designs.

Ok side story: Because I am a really good mom (hardy-har har) I didn't even think to order Warrens invites until the day before Christmas and by the time they would arrive at my house it would be too late to send them to his friends! I was sort of in a panic and I decided to try and overnight them. Tiny Prints was AWESOME and I got them on my door step on Christmas eve. Warren was so excited it was almost better than Christmas itself. They were so kind and helped me get what I needed so quickly!

This is his pirate cake. I'm not a pro but I sure had fun making it and he had fun waking up to it on his birthday. :) It made it all worth it.

I got this erasable chalk board banner at Walmart for like 2 bucks. Bets 2 bucks I ever spent.

Ok brag moment: See those pirate head cookies? They are really not professionally done but I thought I was so clever. That is the bell shaped cookie cutter turned upside down. he he. Oh and I used the cross cookie cutter from my easter set to make some swords. :)

And this is the only picture of the birthday boy that we got of him smiling. He hates posing for pictures. :) 

A big big thank you to Tiny Prints for making his day so special!


"If For A While" Print

I have always loved this quote by Elder Holland so I just had to make a printable out of it.

If you wish to purchase this print just head on over to the shop! 

When you purchase it ($4.99) you will get an instant download and can find three files in your downloads folder on your computer! You can take it into Office Max or Kinkos and do a large engineer print for just a few bucks!

You can print it in a 4X6 for individual hand outs, 8.5X11 for your at home computer or you can blow it up big at a 24X36. Enjoy!


Christmas Cards 2015

One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting real Christmas cards in the mail. Not the email version. I love having the actual pictures of friends and family to put up and I LOVE sending our own. Every year I turn to Tiny Prints. Seriously. The quality cannot be beat.

I really love how our cards turned out this year. Can't go wrong with a lot-a-bit of color :)

The cute red print on the left is actually the back of the card. 

One of my favorite things about order from Tiny Prints is that you can actually choose the sheen of the card as well as any trimmings. So I chose a rounded corner for this card but there are a TON of other options.

If you want to follow Tiny Prints (and you should) you can find them here:


Merry Christmas!


DIY Spooky Serving Platter

Please welcome the very talented Kari!

Hey guys! It's Kari from Life PreKARIous. If you're in need of some fun Halloween decor, I'm telling 
ya, you HAVE to go to the dollar store! They have some great stuff and it's CHEAP! 

Halloween Serving Dish


Superhero Birthday Party Invites

I don't know what it is about little boys and their superhero-ness. Seriously. Its like a disease that once they are infected, runs ramped and cannot be stopped. Everett's love of superheroes started a few years ago and just keeps. on. going. As much as I am getting burnt out of superhero stuff, I know that HE loves it, and I am happy to make some sacrifices so my little guy has the perfect birthday.

This time (since he picked a batman themed party) I had him sit with me on the computer and design the invites for his party. I want everything to be what HE wants and lucky for me Tiny Prints always has the best invites. There were so many "superhero" themed invites to choose from and he felt so special getting to pick them out.