"Eat Me" "Drink Me" Printables

For my church, (I am a mormon) I am throwing a birthday party for the Relief Society. The theme that I came up with for this years celebration is a Very Merry Un-Birthday (an Alice in Wonderland Themed Party.)

I am getting pretty excited for it! And when I say that, I mean I am getting excited for it to be over with. It has taken a lot of my focus and energy for the past two months and I am excited to move on to bigger and better things...like spending time with my kids. :)

None the less, here is a free printable for your next tea party...which I know happens all the time. :) All you have to do is print on your regular printer, cut out the tags, hole punch them and thread with ribbon or string. We are going to tie ours (the drink me tags) around all of our tea cup handles. And I taped the eat me tags to tooth picks and we are going to stick them into little cakes and such. Enjoy!

Here are the links:

Drink Me Printables

Eat Me Printables

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